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FIRST COURSE STARTS 29 FEBRUARY WITH FURTHER DATES IN JUNE, SEPTEMBER AND NOVEMBER ANNOUNCED. DETECTION AND MONITORING OF CORROSION AND DETERMINATION OF MATERIAL THICKNESS USING MANUAL ULTRASONIC TESTING IN STEEL COMPONENTS Corrosion and erosion is a major issue facing asset management across most plants. The major oil and gas companies operating in the UK have worked alongside BINDT (British institute of Non-Destructive Testing) in accordance with PCN ISI GEN Appendix A to develop a training program to train technicians with a view to measuring the competency of personnel working in these areas on plant assets. This course is applicable to all personnel working in plant integrity across multiple industries.      Our IMechE Engineering Training Solutions have been cooperating in the development to produce a training program where certification will be issued to technicians who attend the course and pass the subsequent examinations. The course will focus on: - Corrosion and erosion mec

Snap from PCN WI Level 2 Training Session

Student at PCN Welding Inspection Level 2 Training P rogram

ASNT Annual Meeting

At the ASNT Annual Meeting

Launched Diploma in Quality Engineering

Latest IMECHE Funded Training program for quality control has been started at Decibel

New Course in Line for Corrosion Mapping

New BINDT approved PCN Level 2 courses for Corrosion mapping will be launching this February at our Sheffield Training Centre and extending to remaining global locations. Interested participants may book their sets 

Institution has acquired Amber Train Company

The Institution has acquired the leading Railway Training company Amber Train for a live experience for the students.

New Name for the organization

Decibel's Parent Concern Argyll-Ruane has changed the name to 'Engineering Training Solutions' Since after the acquisition of our company by Institution of Mechanical Engineers it's was planned to stream line our all Training divisions under a common brand name and by this January 2106 this change had been made in effect.