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Tired of Removing Paint to Inspect Welds?

Removing Paint is Time Consuming and Expensive For decades, legacy NDT methods, such as penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, required that paint be removed from parts before they could be inspected. The paint was often removed using harsh chemicals. Over time, increasingly strict government regulations about chemical safety and waste treatment have caused the cost of paint removal to rise dramatically. As the cost of paint removal increases so does the overall cost of inspection. Inspect Through Paint with Dynamic Lift-Off Compensation Technology The use of a flexible PCB probe with cross-wound coil technology combined with dynamic lift-off compensation makes it possible to detect surface-breaking cracks through paint, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The principle of dynamic lift-off compensation.   Our  MagnaFORM™ probe  features dynamic lift-off compensation and helps make weld inspection fast and efficient. The dynamic lift-off compensation helps the p

Applications are Flooding for the NDT Level 2 Shutdown Post for Saudi Arabia

Applications are Flooding for the NDT Level 2 Shutdown Post for Saudi Arabia. It's Really Painful that plenty of them Claiming years experiencing doesn't know how to calibrate equipment's and whats the basic material configuration. ( Words by the Interview Panel). Thanking our Hard working Tutors, not receiving any such comments about any single students from Decibel. Management can feel proud about the Decibel Team for their tiring service for excellence.

ASNT NDT Level 3 Preparatory Classes at Decibel Pattambi, Kerala, India

Refresher/ Preparatory Classes for ASNT NDT Level 3 Examination are Conducted at Decibel Pattambi in Regular Schedules. Which are considered to be very helpful for candidates preparing for NDT Level 3 Examination. According to the words of the participants "Detailed Technological Training and Practical Integration along with Examination based points are actually a great support and positive way of learning" Our Tutors Not only concentrate on Just Teaching What's for Exam it's really beyond that and we strive to Develop a Quality Level 3 instead of a Certified Level 3 Person. The Codes & Ethics of Level 3 is an essential topic which we used to taught during the session as a part of commitment to the society.