Facts About NDT Training

Now a days we came across hearing plenty of NDT training centres are offering NDT level 2 in Basic NDT methods like RT, UT, MT, PT etc within a duration of 15 days on 2- 4 hours training session per day.

We are posting this article here for making aware the general public about the facts on what's NDT and How can be it acquired.

Does'nt matter which training centre major factor shall be is there worth for what you pay and will it be recognized in industry and also will it be useful for the certified person because it's your hard earned Money is paying for each and every training program

Normal NDT programs offered by Institutions are based on ASNT SNT 1A practice standard and which are accepted world wide if it's properly delivered.

As per ASNT published  minimum training requirement each individual candidate should get a Minimum training hours for practical and theory for each method Eg: Ultraosonic Testing direct level 2 requires a Minimum Training hours of 120 for progressing toward Level 2 examination.

120 hours can be considered in a way that  5-8 hours a day is happening if so then the duration of 1 single course itself will be either 24 or 15 days in minimum if so how can some one complete the Basic Conventional Level 2 in Just 15 days.

All that each and every one whom joins a program on NDT needs to evaluate whether proper training hours are met and proper independent practical hours are obtained group practicals cannot be considered as training hour.

We can only publish the facts the choice is specifically relied on individuals.

Short cuts on training will cause issues in practical job field.

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