A Candidate During RTFI Practicals

It's Something a detailed study requires for Understanding Indications on a Radiography Image.

For an outsider the RFI ( Radiography Film Interpretation ) may seems to be a simple task, but to identify it, to evaluate it against the required code, and to produce the right interpretation it needs intensive training and extensive practicals. 

Decibel Brings you a great Level of training  in this area. 

Decibel is one of the organization having worlds largest collection of Radiography Films for training. 

We have both real field practical films, training based special films and digitalized films for meeting our clients training requirement. 

Our candidate gets an opportunity for interpreting more than 1500 films and gain expertise.

This scheme of training is for SNT-TC-1A requirements.

PCN training will be meeting and exceeding the PCN requirements.

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