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Decibel Nde Training Institute is an educational institution providing world class Training & Certification in the field of Non Destructive Testing Technology & Quality Management Engineering.

Decibel has always been a forward‐thinking, modern and student orientated Institution with a thriving and vibrant student community from across the globe. We have a firm commitment to confronting inequality and celebrating diversity.

Our mission of 'Making Education Work' mean our students' future is our top priority. With our excellent facilities and staff, you can be sure that Decibel is a first‐class choice for your chosen area of study.

We have always been pioneering in our course provision, being the first Indian Institution to offer courses in advanced NDE Techniques like Time of Flight Diffraction & Phased Array and first Asian Institution to have an Organized Training program for Mechanical/General Quality Controller.

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and we are also looking to the future ‐ a future that will continue to build on our foundations of academic excellence and 'Making Education Work’, inspiring students, scholars, teachers, and recruiters alike to come to the Decibel Nde. We are constantly investing in institution and facilities to ensure all students have a worldclass teaching and learning environment, state‐of‐the‐art facilities and enhancing the vibrancy of the institution experience to make your time in Decibel truly one to cherish. Whether you choose to come to Decibel to study or work, or simply as a visitor, we look forward to welcoming you to our institution and hope that you enjoy your time here.

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